Metropolitan Industries has reached another historic business milestone within the month of September. The prominent water management technology solutions company closed the sale on acquiring Emecole, Inc. The sale shows a positive growth for the future of both companies. The acquisition transitions will follow in the months to come, according to Metropolitan Industries, Inc. President John Kochan, Jr.

Founded and based in Romeoville, IL, Emecole, Inc. manufactures and distributes concrete repair chemicals and waterproofing solutions. For nearly 30 years, Emecole has been the industry leader in concrete repair chemicals and waterproofing solutions. Emecole was founded by current president Louis Cole. Cole always carried the drive to reduce the labor and costs associated with leaking cracks from basement foundations. In his career, Cole has been awarded 10 patents from creating his state-of-the-art low-pressure injection system that has become the leading industry standard for approaching concrete crack repairs.

The purchase allows Metropolitan Industries to cross-promote between the two business by allowing each respected company’s products to be sold in the territories covered by the other company. Emecole’s operations will remain in their existing facility presently.

John Kochan, Jr. stated that he is, “excited for the new team to strengthen the family business as we look forward to our commitment to continued growth and for Metropolitan to continue to be a market leader in all our areas of business both today and tomorrow.”


Metropolitan Industries, Inc. has unveiled a new logo and company name to signify the acquisition; Emecole Metro LLC







North America faces significant environmental challenges due to population growth and our aging infrastructure. The need to improve sanitary sewer facilities includes transportation via pipelines or tunnel conveyances for new and upgraded wastewater treatment plants, and the mitigation of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

Seal water system to be installed in the pump room 225 ft below ground.

Seal water system to be installed in the pump room 225 ft below ground.

However, many of the areas requiring new conveyances are either heavily urbanized or established residential neighborhoods. Due to the environmental impacts associated with open cut construction, and the long-term operational concerns associated with pump stations, more municipalities are identifying tunneling methods as their preferred means of installing gravity-based conveyance systems.

A similar solution was established in Cleveland, Ohio as the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

(NEORSD) works to create a solution for its heavy rain events and stop the overflow water from discharging directly into Lake Eire. NEORSD is in the process of  installing two storage tunnels that can be dewatered in a 24-hour period in anticipation of back-to-back storm events.

The Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station project will provide the means to entirely dewater the storage tunnels at the end of each wet weather event and pump combined sewage to the Easterly Interceptor for transport to the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Metropolitan provided the project with a seal water system designed to extend the life of the main pumps and cool the seal and the shaft.

The system is designed to allow the water to bypass the seal system until the tunnel reaches a certain level. Standard systems pump continuously.

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