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We had a great turnout for the first Basics of Steam training seminar this year.

Instructed by salesmen Mike Temes and Neil Vogel, the seminar hosted a variety of customers from engineers to contractor. One of our priorities has always been to provide continuing knowledge on the different aspects of the water pump industry.

The training session held in August was designed to provide knowledge on the basic understanding of steam and heat transfer applications. The class discussed topics on steam generation, piping practices, steam trap, heat transfer, condensate management and a variety of other areas of the steam industry.

The seminars are a great way to introduce customers to our facility while also providing the customer with a four-hour training. At the completion of the class the attendees received their PDH certificate Employees are encouraged to remind customers of our ongoing training seminars throughout the year or refer them to the training tab on our website.

Salesmen Neil Vogel and Mike Temes present to a class of 20 on the basics of steam/heat transfer applications.

Salesmen Neil Vogel and Mike Temes present to a class of 20 on the basics of steam/heat transfer applications.

Nicor Energy Efficiency Program:

Christine Del Priore, Outreach Associate for Nicor Gas and the Energy Efficiency Program, was the guest speaker for the basics of steam class. Before the class broke for lunch, Del Priore spoke to the attendees about the benefits of the Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program and Business Custom Incentive Program.

According to Del Priore, many companies do not realize how big the rebate really is. Some companies can earn up to $10,000 in rebates per month. Del Priore wanted to extend the opportunity to the training class so that customers could see the benefits that go along with the program.

The end of the program cycle is May 31, 2014, and although Nicor offers many rebate programs, according to Del Priore, this program is by far the biggest.

“Take advantage of the program while we still have the funding,” Del Priore said, “this is one of the better rebate programs Nicor has offered.”

For more information on the Nicor Rebate Program, contact Mike Temes or Neil Vogel at 815-886-9200.

Nicor Outreach Associate, Christine Del Priore discusses the benefits of the Business Energy Efficiency Program.

Nicor Outreach Associate, Christine Del Priore discusses the benefits of the Business Energy Efficiency Program.

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Our expertise in mechanical heating equipment allows us to manufacture sophisticated equipment packages including heat transfer systems.

Our expertise in mechanical heating equipment allows us to manufacture sophisticated equipment packages including heat transfer systems.

At Metropolitan Industries, broadening our horizons has never been a foreign concept.

Perhaps nothing is more reflective of our commitment to meeting the highest of industry standards and adapting to serve the most complex needs of our customers than the expansion of our commercial division.

Due in large part to the division’s expansion, Metropolitan Industries is now equipped with the sales, service, engineering and fabrication prowess to serve a wide range of mechanical heating applications.

A case study depicting one of our many new abilities can be portrayed by a project completed for a local educational institution. Faced with an aging steam bundle used to heat a domestic hot water storage tank, the customer and project contractor turned to Metropolitan for a specialized solution of engineering and supplementation of equipment.

“We were contacted by the project contractor to supply a replacement steam bundle to be used in a tank heater application, which is primarily used during the winter months and provides domestic hot water to the institution’s athletic center, and food and sciences building,” said Metropolitan mechanical salesperson Mike Temes. “Because this storage tank fed two very critical facilities, it was imperative that the replacement steam bundle be sized accordingly to meet the domestic water demand.”

In order to supply the solution most resourcefully, Metropolitan conducted a field visit to appropriately size the steam bundle to be placed in the domestic hot water storage tank. Temes said Metropolitan’s engineering expertise played a decisive role in not only supplying the correctly-sized heat exchangers, but doing so while minimizing the time associated with delivery and installation.

“During the field visit, our engineering division was able to acquire all of the information needed to properly size the steam bundle without having shut down the system, drain the domestic hot water tank, and remove the existing steam bundle,” said Temes. “This radically reduces the time typically spent with the replacement of steam bundles. This was advantageous for our customer not only because the new steam bundle was needed quickly, but also because additional funds related to the labor required to remove the existing steam bundle twice were not incurred.”

Temes said the domestic hot water storage tank required only one day of shutdown for installation and that the new steam bundle transitioned into the domestic hot water storage tank with little to no manipulation.

At Metropolitan it is always of absolute priority to provide our customers with equipment that meets all specifications and industry standards. In supplying the custom-sized steam bundle, Temes said this case was no different.

“Many times, customers seeking to replace heat exchangers that have aged 25 or 30 years may not be aware of state codes that have been implemented since the existing heat exchangers were last installed,” said Temes. “It’s not always as simple as replacing existing steam bundles with new models of the previous kind utilized. At Metropolitan, we consider it a commitment to our customers to monitor all industry standards to ensure all equipment we supply is approved by any and all engineering criteria, and delivers peak performance at a competitive price.”

Metropolitan provides shell and tube heat exchangers that can be customized for a number of applications including domestic hot water, process heating and cooling, condensers, heat recovery, steam to water, water to water, and more. Single and double wall configurations are available in materials including copper, 90/10 cupro-nickel, 304/316SS, carbon steel and specialty metals.

An additional related offering is our plate and frame heat exchangers, which can be designed in multiple configurations for applications including HVAC, domestic hot water, chillers, milk processing pasteurization, domestic heating, brewing, heat recovery, and more. Single and double wall configurations, wide-gap plate designs, and brazed and welded plates are available.

Customized shell and tube heat exchangers are now available from Metropolitan Industries.

Customized shell and tube heat exchangers are now available from Metropolitan Industries.

In conjunction with our engineering, service and fabrication departments, Temes said the mechanical heating proficiency Metropolitan has acquired will allow us to design, manufacture, and provide innovative and multifaceted mechanical heating equipment to new bases of customers.

“Because we have so many exceptional capacities under one roof, the amount and type of intricate mechanical equipment we can now produce as single-source suppliers is nearly limitless,” said Temes. “From heat transfer systems to boiler feed systems, we guarantee our customers will receive the very most out of their mechanical heating systems.”

For more information, please contact Mike Temes at 815-886-9200, ext. 252 or

Metropolitan’s new Metro-Tech II controller.

At Metropolitan Industries, customizing solutions to meet the needs and specifications of customers is one of the cornerstones to the way we conduct business.

We believe user-friendly equipment developed to meet precise requirements and suit specific applications leads to the most efficient system operation and results in optimum customer satisfaction.

Adhering to this philosophy, we recently released two new lines of innovative, menu-configurable water booster pump and boiler system controllers, designed to fit specific programs and provide operators with ease of use.

Our “Metro-Tech II” booster pump controller can be customized to meet any requirements, and provides users with the ability to change set and command points, view real-time operating conditions and alarms, and use integrated help screen through the controller’s color touch screen operator interface.

Our “ThermoTech™” cascading boiler controller also features a user-friendly, color touch screen operator interface, and provides users with the ability to set lead boilers, monitor return temperatures and flow meter inputs, track system modulation percentage, set stage delays and more. This controller can be customized to control from one and up to eight boilers.

For a more details regarding each of our new controllers, please visit The Chief Engineer, which recently profiled the Metro-Tech II and ThermoTech™ extensively in its March issue.

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