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Metropolitan Industries employees

Metropolitan Industries has 136 total employees.

You may have been coming to Metropolitan for years to get your lift station or sump pump or booster pump replaced every so often, or maybe you haven’t used our products yet but know it’s time to think about replacing that old hydronic system. No matter how well you know Metropolitan, you may not be aware of the variety and extent of our products and services because we are constantly innovating and finding the best ways to solve your pumping system issues. Often times we hear people say to us, “I didn’t know you did that!”


Metropolitan Industries was established in 1957, originally called “Metropolitan Pump Company”, and operated from a home office in Western Springs, IL. This year, as we pass the 60 year mark, we still hold our same vision from the start; to be a single source for quality pumps, control systems, and ancillary equipment serving many water and wastewater industries. Our products and services are designed for municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential markets, and can be completely customized to meet our customers’ needs.


Metropolitan service

Metropolitan offers equipment repair, 24/7 emergency service, and design assistance.

We manufacture many of our products in-house, so we are able to customize every application for pumps, control panels, and complete systems that we sell. All the products we create are tested before being packaged and sent to our customers. If your system stops working, we also offer services to completely repair or replace the system or component to be reinstalled. Metropolitan offers equipment repair, 24/7 emergency service, and design assistance. At Metropolitan, we care about the continued success of our products, ensuring that they are the best fit for your project.


We sell more than just pumps. We have everything from air-gap break tanks, to control systems, to prefabricated house systems, lift stations, temperature control systems, and so much more. Anything that involves water, we can assist. Metropolitan takes pride in the quality of our control systems. Part of our quality control are the UL procedures which we apply to our products. We’re also the proud owners of 37 patents, which are a result of our constant research and development to solve the most difficult of challenges in the water and control world.


Metropolitan also has divisions of our company that service different markets. Our Ion Technologies product line services homeowners with sump pumps and battery backup systems. The Ion Technologies brand offers the Ion+ Connect, which is a digital level controller that senses when something isn’t right with your pump and will send you SMS text notifications with those alerts. We are also celebrating the year anniversary of our acquisition of Emecole Metro, formally known as Emecole, a manufacturer and supplier of epoxies and polyurethane foams for the repair of poured foundation cracks using low-pressure crack injection. Emecole Metro offers contractor kits, dehumidifiers, crawl space repair, and even more. And finally, MetroCloud is a Metropolitan Industries brand cloud SCADA product that is compatible with our control panels. For more on MetroCloud, click here.


Metropolitan Industries Seminars

Metropolitan Industries Seminar

Beyond our basic products and services, Metropolitan offers training seminars that qualify for Professional Development and Continuing Education credits. All our classes are free and food is always provided for our 4-hour courses. You can see our full list of upcoming classes and register at We also offer training outside of our facility. Our demonstration trailer allows you to learn more about our products and the experts behind them. You can schedule a trailer day for your company by emailing us at, contacting your salesperson directly, or calling us at 815-886-9200.

As you can see, Metropolitan Industries is not just a water pump shop. We will find the best solution for your project no matter what it takes. We have the tools, products, services, and expertise to provide you with the most serviceable system that will work for you, and we welcome the opportunity to help solve your problems.

Courtesy of the Village of Rosemont

“Play ball,” and the crack of a baseball bat hitting a ball will be the sounds fans will hear sometime in May of 2018 when the new Rosemont baseball park will open.

Between now and then, there will be plenty of ground to cover. Metropolitan assisted in the development and design of the pump station improvements for the new ballpark and equipment is shipping this month.

The development includes a stormwater pump station with (4) submersible type pumps, 12” discharge piping (including valves & fittings), and a large pump controller enclosure.

The pump station is rated at a total capacity of 16,000 GPM. Included in the design is a standby emergency generator , PLC pump controller and level management system.

To learn more about Rosemont’s new baseball stadium: 

An exterior look at the traffic box control enclosure that is being installed at the ballpark in Rosemont.

An interior view of the traffic box control enclosure that is being installed at the ballpark in Rosemont.

Interior of the traffic box control enclosure that is being installed at the ballpark in Rosemont.

When we became a company in 1957, we started with little more than a home office in Western Springs, Illinois. In fact, it would be another ten years before Metropolitan Pump Company (as we were then known) even became incorporated and another year after that before we moved to our first official facility: A modest 2,500 SF location in Downers Grove.

Looking back at those early years, it’s almost impossible to think about how far we’ve come, but it’s not surprising. From the beginning, Metropolitan Industries has prided itself on being experts with a dedicated focus. We were and have remained family owned, family operated and, perhaps most importantly, family oriented. We’ve always believed that doing the right thing for our customers and our people would lead to all the right things for Metropolitan as a business and, thus far, that seems to be the case.

As we stare down our 60th anniversary and plan for the years ahead, one thing remains clear to everyone who walks into our Romeoville, Illinois facility: We need to evolve and grow with the industry, but we should never change who we are as a company.

President, John Kochan, Jr., and CEO, John Kochan, Sr.

A History of Dedication and Specialization

When Marty Martinson and John Kochan, Sr. set out to disrupt the pump industry in Northern Illinois and the larger Midwest region, they were focused on one thing: Specialization. When Marty realized that generalization and a general lack of technical knowledge in the industry was preventing sales reps from offering in depth education and service to customers, he saw an opportunity to offer something that was sorely needed. In no time at all, Metropolitan caused a major shift in the market by narrowing our focus and increasing specialization. Even back in 1977 when we were profiled by Supply House Times and operating with only 20,000 SF, the Metropolitan team was dominating the Chicago and Northern Illinois markets by offering unmatched service.

This new, focused approach also allowed us to offer extensive pump servicing through repairs, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 availability, all of which are still part of our core offerings today. By starting with a dedicated specialization and remaining true to that focus over the past 60 years, Metropolitan has been able to grow with the industry while also helping to shape its evolution.

From basic commercial and residential pumps, boilers & heating solutions to innovative control systems, cellular communications, and system alerts we could have only dreamed of in 1957, we’ve covered a lot of ground in just six decades. In a lot of ways, we feel like we’re just getting started and that’s largely due to the people who’ve helped us get this far.

Tenured Talent Throughout

We keep a copy of the previously mentioned Supply House Times issue in our office, flipping through it from time to time to remember our past. However, in some ways that issue also says a lot about our future.

Some of the faces in the photos that accompany the story still work at Metropolitan today. Their positions may have changed and grown over the years, but their commitment hasn’t wavered and neither has ours. As a company, our dedicated workforce has risen to over 150 team members filling our current 100,000 SF facility where we’ve been for 18 years – as well as our remote Emecole Metro facility –  and we’re once again looking to expand our footprint to keep pace with demands.

However, the tenure we see also extends beyond our team members and into the customers and that we serve. Many of the relationships we’ve developed with our customers — municipalities, contractors, design engineers, etc. — over the last 60 years continue today. Between routine servicing, necessary pump-system expansions, or upgrades to ensure that our customers have the best equipment to meet their needs, we’ve maintained these relationships through trust, demonstrated expertise, and continuing to better understand the needs of the market.

As part of our mission to remain focused experts in the pump industry, our organic growth has also been supplemented by notable acquisitions. In 1993, our acquisition of Reliable Electric Controls expanded our electronics business, helping us offer more advanced control systems that complement our pumps. More recently, in 2016, our acquisition of Emecole helped us branch into areas of facility maintenance by providing industry leading concrete repair chemicals and waterproofing solutions.

All of this is to say that we’ve definitely expanded over the years. However, though our focus has broadened in some senses to cover the larger definition of pump systems, we’ve remained true to our original goal: Specialization. Fortunately, that specialization also applies to our dedication, service, and every part of the larger Metropolitan team, inside our facility and out. Regardless of the evolution of technology and infrastructure, we are, as we always have been, Metropolitan Industries.

The prefabricated house built at Metropolitan, complete with control system and generator is delivered and placed on-site in Oak Brook, IL.

Rather than digging deeper trenches for gravity sewers – a process that can become costly due to associated excavation costs – lift stations move wastewater from lower to higher elevations. Though the basic components of lift stations, including wet wells, valve vaults, and dry-pits, have remained fairly consistent over the last several decades, technology, design, and construction methods have also improved, leading to better lift station options from the standpoint of maintenance, functionality, and safety.

Recently, the city of Oak Brook, Illinois, in conjunction with Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District (WRD), evaluated the aging infrastructure on its collection system and decided it was time to modernize two of its aging lift stations by upgrading the system to be more powerful, more reliable, and easier to maintain. However, moving from two duplex (2 pump) stations to a single triplex (3 pump) station is a fairly larger undertaking. When seeking proposals for this project, the city needed to ensure that design and execution of the new lift station would progress seamlessly and without interruption to the existing stations (until after the new system was fully operational). This demanding scenario meant, in turn, that the contractor selected for this project would need to be able to rely on a respected name for the station’s most critical components.

A Single Source for Responsibility

Often times, the design and construction of a lift station faces a couple primary challenges. First, if the necessary components are sourced from multiple manufacturers (e.g. pumps from Company A, controls from Company B, etc.), responsibility is spread out, making it confusing to determine who to call for serving. Second, as these stations live in the elements, weather can add to construction delays, especially in regions affected by sub-zero temperatures in the winter. In the long run, both of these factors can lead to increased costs, be it from a lack of coordination or extended delays.

In Oak Brook and elsewhere, Metropolitan Industries solves both of these challenges. With 60 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to offer single source responsibility. For the new “Midwest/Tall Tress” lift station, that meant providing all guide rail components in the wet well, custom access hatches, discharge elbows at the base, three 48hp pumps, level controls, flow meters, and our unique above ground control station. Here, the contractor provided the concrete wet well and valve vault, but Metropolitan can provide those as well (fiberglass, coated steel, or stainless steel) if the project requires/allows.

In addition to the peace of mind that results in a single, trusted supplier, sourcing all critical components from Metropolitan simplifies servicing for the owner. In fact, Metropolitan’s 24/7 service and large parts inventory makes the entire servicing process as seamless as possible. However, being all too familiar with the burden of Midwestern winters, we take the idea of “under one roof” a step further.

Interior of the Oak Brook prefabricated house.

One Roof Under One Roof

The existing Flagg Creek WRD lift stations were aging and therefore costly to maintain due to the frequency of maintenance required and the number of municipal employees required to complete the tasks. In part, this was due to the old lift stations relying on a dry pit/wet pit design, which created a confined entry workspace. To eliminate this hazard and ease servicing, we moved the controls above ground using Metropolitan’s complete control building solution. With a full range of customization options – including PLC controls, UL listings, exterior finishes, cranes, and generators such as the 175 kW natural gas generator installed in this precast concrete building, our rooms offer complete control solutions. This simplifies year-round servicing and improves the operator experience and equipment reliability. Though we also offer solutions that do not include the full building, this approach can often prolong equipment life and save money in the long run. Best of all, every Metropolitan control room is 100% prefabricated and not weather dependent at the time of construction or installation.

By building every control station on-site inside Metropolitan’s Illinois facility, weather delays become a thing of the past. This full service approach allows us to ensure the quality of every cubic foot, rain or shine, while decreasing the need for field labor and producing a “plug-and-play” system that can then be shipped to the lift station site and connected with ease. For Flagg Creek, this prefabricated, custom approach also helped to ensure the new lift station could be up and running as quickly as possible with minimal field work required.

Today, local residents and the Flagg Creek WRD can rely on a system that is prepared to handle the future growth of the area, and the district can rest easy knowing the new system was designed specifically for them and built with precision. Now it is probably fair to say that things are more up to date for the residents of Oak Brook and we were happy to be part of the team that worked diligently to make that possible.

Since our founding, Metropolitan Industries has been motivated by one central focus: A job well done. Though it would be nice if the criteria that marks “well done” were as easy to measure as gallons per minute, horsepower, or pressure, we set the bar well above these basic quantifiable measurements.

At Metropolitan, we believe that the true measure of success comes in the way of the customer experience during the project and long after it is complete. To help ensure that our customers experience the very best from our products and services, be it pumps, control systems, or related equipment, we keep in touch. Sometimes, however, our customers reach out to us to let us know that things are going well, and those are some of our favorite emails.

Last year, we worked on a lift station project for a global consumer products company that was looking to update their infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their wastewater flow. More specifically, this customer wanted more reliable equipment that would allow for closer monitoring and more accurate effluent water metering. To meet these needs, Metropolitan engineers worked closely with the customer to design a custom control building that would be manufactured to their specifications. In addition to meeting flow requirements, the three-room building needed to include space and equipment for water monitoring, including one room with two samplers for constant testing. After delivery and hands on training with Metropolitan engineers, the system was quickly up and running. However, the real story here is one of continued success.

This customer recently emailed to say that the quality and accuracy of our lift station and its unique prefabricated control building – built entirely indoors at Metropolitan’s Illinois facility – allowed the company to recognize more than a 50% decrease in flow rates compared to the old equipment that was over-measuring. This, in turn, led to a sharp 40% decrease in their sewer bill.

For us, that is a job well done. Even without the quantifiable details – which are impressive, to say the least – knowing that the customer is satisfied tells us we really hit the mark.

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