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Break Tanks

Technology & Simplicity

Metropolitan’s break tank systems isolate water sources from possible cross-contamination, and can be used for water reuse for irrigation, WWTP effluent systems, process water uses, grey water systems, and more.

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Housed Systems

We have outperformed our competition in providing prefabricated housed systems as complete pump houses, valve/meter and control/generator buildings. Regardless of the size, type or finish, we guarantee our housed system meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Skid Mounted Water Boosters

Providing the Boost You Need

Our water booster systems can include constant and variable speed motor systems, PLC or relay logic systems, power sources, specific piping and valve options, and additional components needed to provide customers with complete packages.

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Self Priming Pumps

Engineered For Easy Installation and Repair

With features such as premium efficiency motors and impellers, and a close-coupled design, our self-priming pump systems are easy to service and operate at optimum levels.

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Completed Systems and Related Accessories

Metropolitan’s Ion|StormPro® line is committed to building larger battery backup systems. We are now building and testing backup systems in 3, 5, 7, and 8 KVA that will allow us to backup 1 and 2 horsepower, single phase pumps for larger installations.

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Water Harvesting & Treatment

Helping Protect Your Water Supply

The need for a complete systems approach is evident when assembling a water treatment plan in various forms. We can help bring water, wastewater and additional treatment options to places where water can represent a significant cost. Systems can be designed without difficulty in a number of configurations, incorporating your specifications for tank sizes, pumps and filtration systems.

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Control Systems

Take Control of Your System

Committed to research and development, we have designed and built our own control system packages to best supply our customers with top-of-the-line solutions to meet their system requirements and exceed their expectations. Choose from one of our many control systems and power sources to keep you in complete command of your system.

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National Sales

Metropolitan Industries is a single source supplier of packaged pump and control systems for the commercial, municipal and residential markets. All station fabrication, control work, assembly and testing is completed at our state of the art production facilities ensuring total package integration.
Professional project management, third party testing laboratory approvals, and an extensive network of factory trained representatives are all a part of our commitment to quality.
You can rest assured that when you choose Metropolitan you’ll receive the very best.

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