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Features of Self Priming Pumps

Quick Clean out and Easy Maintenance

The access covers to our self-priming pump systems can be removed simply by loosening two handles. With easy access to the impeller, systems can be cleaned and checked in a matter of minutes, and require checking only if large cloths or other objects are lodged in the impeller. The entire pump rests on the basin cover for easy access, providing operators with a clean and dry pump at all times.

Typical Self-Priming Pump Installation. Comes as a complete package, ready to set in place and bolt to the basin cover.

Low Cost Installation and Repair

Our systems are shipped as complete packages, ready to set in place and bolt to the basin cover. Optional items such as electrical panels and suction pipes can be installed in minutes. Because our systems incorporate only one moving part, the integral shaft, and impeller, repair is seamless and inexpensive. Impellers, volute lip plates and suction wear rings can be replaced at low costs after wear occurs.

Close-Coupled Design and Grooved Suction Elbow

Our self-priming pumps incorporate a close-coupled design, allowing end users to remove its entire rotating assembly without disturbing piping. They are also engineered with a grooved suction elbow design, which provides further ease to the installation process.

Premium Efficiency Motors and Impellers

A hallmark of all of our commercial systems, our self-priming pumps are designed to provide efficient operation. These systems utilize a close-coupled, heavy duty, premium efficiency motor, and also apply fully enclosed impellers incorporating a solid bronze wear ring and a more efficient design.

Self-Priming Pumps

Over the years, our self-priming pump systems have evolved to incorporate unique advantages over other pump types. Currently, we offer three models of this system: Our 22 MPC, 25 MPC and 35-45 MPC. Some of the distinctive advantages of using our systems include:
• Quick clean out and easy maintenance
• Low cost installation and repair
• Close-coupled design and grooved suction elbow
• Premium efficiency motors and impellers
For complete control of your system, we recommend including one of Metropolitan’s custom-engineered controls panels. These panels include our exclusive Intellipump logic system and notification alarms if levels rise to unsafe limits.
Like all of our equipment packages, our self-priming pumps are backed by our 24/7 service department.

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