Design Assistance

Our team of experienced designers, sales engineers, and programmers can tap into their vast industry experiences, to provide unique design proposals for your project application. Our equipment design information will be provided to you in the form which best fits your engineering platform: whether you need written specifications & schedules; two or three dimensional drawings; or solid-models, our information technologies & capabilities will meet all of your needs.

Control System Engineering & Programming

Metropolitan’s Control System Manufacturing is versatile and can build stock control panels up to custom system control solutions. Metropolitan has 13 UL listing categories for various procedures and products.
Keeping pace with the rapid growth of pumps and systems technology is of paramount concern at Metropolitan. We’ve taken a leadership role with the establishment of our Controls Department. It focuses on delivering a customized solution that provides flexibility, ease of use and maximum control over each system we install.

Mechanical/Hydraulic Engineering

Metropolitan continues to expand our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. Using CNC machine tools and precision welding equipment, additional system components and package frames are assembled exactly to drawings along with other OEM mechanical equipment. Welders are certified to ASME Section 9 and adhere to our AWS Standard Welding Procedure Specification.

Customized Solutions

We start by thoroughly understanding each project’s initial performance parameters, as well as any long-term requirements that address future growth of the application. Our experienced engineering staff considers all of the important project constraints to determine how to provide the best solution. Evaluations of physical, mechanical, electrical and environmental parameters are conducted prior to selection, procurement and installation of OEM equipment and components comprising the system.

New Product Development

Metropolitan has nurtured an internal environment, which encourages our staff to use innovative approaches to all of the applications we encounter. Developing new products and technologies are a part of our every day life at Metropolitan. For more information on New Product Development, please visit our Research & Development page.

Engineering, Design

System Design & Engineering

Systems and products from Metropolitan put technology to work. By becoming a partner at the project onset, the design of each integrated system begins from the ground up. Metropolitan contributes over 55 years of experience & technical expertise to achieve an optimum system solution. We've learned that each installation has a unique set of challenges that must be met.

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