MetroMail Alarm-Messaging System

The MetroMail™ alarm-messaging system provides end users with uncompromised reliability at an affordable price. Designed to send email and text messages based on the status of 8 individual alarm inputs, MetroMail™ can monitor any electrical/mechanical system, including water, wastewater and stormwater applications. All configuration of MetroMail™ is done via webpage, allowing end users to customize MetroMail™ to fit their exact application. Simply plug its Ethernet port into an Internet-enabled network or cell modem, configure device with the appropriate text and/or email settings, and you can begin receiving notifications. MetroMail™ is available as a stand-alone device and can be integrated into any control system. It is standard on Metropolitan’s LMS II level management system and all custom control packages

Metro-Tech II Water Booster Pump Controller

Our Metro-Tech II variable speed water booster pump controller provides operators with the ability to view real-time operating conditions and alarms, change both set and command points, and use a built-in integrated help screen whenever questions may arise. It’s easy to use functionality makes the setup and operation of a pump system truly intuitive. It incorporates a smart control strategy that saves energy, reduces water hammer and provides accurate set point control even under the most demanding conditions. It also provides real-time troubleshooting, and with an optional built-in web page, systems can be monitored remotely by connecting to the onboard Ethernet port.

LMS II Lift Station Controller

The new and improved LMS II level management system is a pre-programmed level controller with a color touch screen operator interface. The LMS II allows users to seamlessly alter level and alarm settings, transducer options and more, providing access to basic SCADA features at a cost-effective price. Each LMS II unit comes complete with integrated help screens, making the operation of your system easy and intuitive.
The LMS II is a menu-configurable, constant speed, pump down level controller. It allows for the control of one to three pumps with optional pre-programmed configurations for single/dual level transducers, 0-20 mA flow meter input, and a completely redundant float backup controller. The LMS II can be customized to fit most applications. Seal fails and thermal inputs are also available standard. The LMS II can be controlled directly on the touch screen at a lift station or accessed remotely via laptop. With either an existing internet connection or cell modem, and the inclusion of Metropolitan’s MetroMail™ alarm-messaging system, users can receive alarm notifications via any SMS text or email compatible device. All configuration of MetroMail™ is done via webpage, allowing users to change alarm call out lists and other settings to fit specific needs.

ThermoTech Cascading Boiler Controller

For the operation of boiler systems, Metropolitan’s ThermoTech™ controller can be customized in packages to control from one and up to eight boilers. Features include the ability to set lead boilers, monitor return temperatures and flow meter inputs, track system modulation percentage, set stage delays, configure high and low temperature settings, operate off an outdoor reset, and track other vital system information. With integrated help screens for all set point options, it’s as if the operator’s manual is built right into the touch screen. Its smart control strategy alternates individual boiler operation, and it includes an Ethernet connection and output alarms to allow for optional remote monitoring capabilities of system operation.


The Intellipump is our answer to smart pump technology. Choose from three different versions which include a duplex mechanical alternator pump controller, a duplex float switch alternating pump controller or a constant speed duplex pump controller. Whatever your specification dictates, we have a smart pump solution for you.

Ion Genesis Alarm-Monitoring Pump Alternator

Our Ion Genesis® alarm-monitoring pump alternator is designed for residential applications, and small municipal sanitary and stormwater systems. Reliability is assured with two Ion® Digital Sensor Switches.

Control Panels

Over the years, we have developed and supplied a diverse assortment of pump and motor control products for a variety of clients. Whether required for sanitary or stormwater pumping applications, innovations such as our Ion Genesis® alarm-monitoring pump alternator, Ion® Digital Level Control float switch, Intellipump float-operated controller, and various lines of controllers have set the standards for the many industries we serve. Many of these products can be customized to fit specific applications and are designed for ease of operation. As a U.L. registered panel shop, we build and stock many of these items, as well as complete control panels for projects ranging from sump pump installations, large municipal control systems and variable speed water booster systems. All of these products are available locally from our Romeoville, IL-based facility and nationally through our national distribution network.

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