Whether a heating or cooling coil, or a steam or water coil, Metropolitan Industries has the heat transfer expertise required to field measure all replacement coils to deliver a quick and hassle-free solution. Our heat transfer specialists can design and build coils to meet any specifications including size, material and performance. We carefully review all system requirements to guarantee all of our coils meet specifications, operate at peak performances and provide complete customer satisfaction. We offer competitive prices and can deliver custom-made coils in as quickly as five working days. The marriage of our expert selection, economical pricing, availability and engineering expertise make Metropolitan Industries your premier source for heating and cooling coils.

Heat Transfer Packages

Metropolitan Industries’ heat transfer packages are custom-engineered and manufactured with a wide variety of standard features and options, allowing our heat transfer specialists to meet the most demanding requirements and comply with specific design parameters.

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Pressure & Temperature Controls

Accurate pressure and temperature are critical in any industrial process. Whether you require a mechanical, pneumatic or electric solution, let Metropolitan’s industrial division provide you with assistance. Prior to replacing your existing equipment with a direct replacement, let our sales and engineering staffs assist you in selecting the most appropriate type of pressure or temperature controls for your application.

Steam Traps & Accys

A properly managed condensate system starts with steam traps. Does your facility have failed or plugged traps? If you aren’t certain, contact Metropolitan’s industrial division to provide a steam trap consultation. Once we have identified the failed or plugged traps, we will work with your facility’s staff to identify the traps that are financially practical to replace. We combine our steam engineering proficiency with an assortment of steam traps and steam commodities to properly apply and install new steam traps into your system. Protect your valuable heat transfer equipment and defend your system from costly wasted steam by calling Metropolitan for a steam trap analysis today.

Condensate Recovery

Metropolitan offers both mechanical and electrical condensate recovery solutions. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend facilities return their condensate to boiler rooms. The valuable heat energy in the condensate will help reduce the fuel cost at the point of steam generation. If utilized, facilities will also recover the valuable boiler treatment chemicals. We combine our fabrication abilities with a wide range of controls and pump options to help return the condensate as efficiently and safely as possible.

Steam Systems

From steam distribution and controls to condensate management, Metropolitan's industrial division can help increase your steam system's overall efficiency. We can offer custom solutions that may reduce your gas utility costs by substantial amounts. We work with utility companies offering rebate and incentive programs, and can help bring an energy-saving, retrofit solution to your facility. Contact us today to discuss options to improve the operation of your steam and condensate systems.

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