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Housed System Solutions

We strive to provide owners, end users, installing contractors and system operators with high-quality products assembled to provide seamless installations. Our custom-engineered housed systems are available in a variety of materials and options, and can be shipped to jobsites pre-piped, pre-wired, pre-tested, and ready for immediate field connection.

In-House Fabrication

Housing types can vary according to surrounding vicinities and can be constructed for purposes of convenience, security, aesthetics and more. We have supplied such facilities utilizing a wide variety of exterior finishes and interior piping needs to match existing facilities or to give your site a brand new look. In-house fabrication of these solutions has garnered much popularity over recent years, as these structures can be designed using 3D graphic software to provide customers with detailed viewings of an expected finished product before the construction process even begins.

Retrofit and New Installations

At Metropolitan, we believe upgrading below ground pump stations to above grade solutions most effectively protects both the assets of systems and the lives of workers. We can provide solutions as part of retrofit upgrades to existing sites or as part of entirely new installations. Complete housed pump stations incorporating piping and valves, controls, standby power and more can be provided as single source solutions by Metropolitan.

Eliminate Confined Spaces

Our housed systems can eliminate below-grade structures that are typically considered “confined work spaces” by OSHA and other organizations. Due to the hazards associated with confined spaces, more and more municipalities are turning to above ground solutions to create safe environments for operators and protect the investment of systems. Confined spaces present significant dangers including the lack of oxygen and dense gases, and the prospect of below ground vault floods put system equipment at risk.

Housed Water Booster Systems, Prefabricated

Housed Systems

The combination of all of Metropolitan’s strengths is evidenced by our ability to help customers visualize finished products. Our knowledge and experience in pumping and mechanical equipment joined with our engineering and fabrication capabilities allow us to manufacture complete housed systems. We use state-of-the-art control technologies to create custom housed solutions best suited to fit the applications of customers.

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