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Engine Driven Generator Sets

The use of generator sets to provide standby power in the event of a power outage is necessary to keep municipal systems such as water distribution, water production/treatment, stormwater management, sanitary sewer collection systems, and wastewater treatment facilities in full operation during critical times. We offer generators accepting a variety of fuel-types (diesel, gasoline, natural gas and propane), as well as many types of enclosures to house units.

Auxiliary Power

In many situations, the importance of system operation is such that it requires a secondary power source to maintain power at all times. From having a battery backup sump pump system in a basement during a heavy rain event, to implementing a mega-watt diesel generator at a wastewater treatment facility for protection during storms, sources of standby power can ultimately make the difference in avoiding disaster.
At Metropolitan, providing standby power solutions is part of our complete systems approach. We encourage all customers to include standby power in projects to ensure systems remain reliable at all times.
We can assist in the design and supply of battery backup systems such as uninterruptable power systems (UPS) to keep PLCs online, along with backup systems for meter vault sump pumps or any below ground structure that is subject to the hazards of potential flooding.
Larger applications deemed critical by customers may include sanitary and stormwater lift stations, water production and distribution facilities, and wastewater treatment facilities among others. For these important venues, we can supply a variety of alternate powered generator sets with different fuels, housings, and even systems to backup utility power with a second source of utility power.

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