Lift Stations for Commercial Applications

Typical applications include high-rise buildings, residential and retail developments, airports, hospitals, correctional facilities, parking structures and many more. Each packaged system is supplied complete with pumps, basins, covers, guiderail system, piping and valves, level sensors and pump control system. Control options include our Intellipump smart float switch controller or LMS II with touch screen operator interface and submersible level transducer capability. Variable speed controls are also available to conserve energy and meet your most demanding hydraulic conditions.

Pump Types:

• Submersible
• Self-Priming

Piping Options:

• Fiberglass
• Fabricated steel
• Stainless steel


• UL 508A Industrial Control Systems

Lift Stations

Our history in supplying pumping equipment has allowed us to provide pumps ranging from a few gallons per minute to several hundred thousand gallons per minute. We provide all of the equipment desired to complete full packaged systems.

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