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Lift Stations

For small and large installations, we can supply all of the necessary equipment, including pumps, guiderail systems, access hatches, piping and valves, and more to provide complete lift station packages.

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Valve Vaults

Using steel, stainless steel or fiberglass construction, Metropolitan can fabricate a compact and well-designed prefabricated valve vault to complete your new or retrofit project.

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Flow Meter Vaults

With the ability to provide operators with critical system information including using and/or process, our fabricated flow meter vaults present many benefits to end users.

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Above Grade Vaults

Protect both the investment of your system and water operators with our above grade vaults and related solutions.

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CV Pac “All Access”

The Metro CV Pac All Access is our answer to an economical, high-quality solution for sewage and storm water lift stations that provide complete access to all working parts.

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Lift Stations: Valve & Meter Vaults

Our complete systems approach has evolved over time to include pumps, rail systems, access hatches, level controls, control panels, piping and valves, wet wells, and valve vaults. Lift stations for transferring sanitary or stormwater may be as modest as a sump pump and/or sewage ejector system, or as large as a several million gallons per day system at the influent to a wastewater treatment plant. We have provided components for installations by others, and also complete prefabricated wet wells and valve vaults in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Wet wells and below ground vaults can be fabricated using concrete, steel, fiberglass, stainless, HDPE, or other materials depending on the size and application. Above ground structures can be provided for pumps, piping and valves, controls, standby power, and more. Our goal remains steadfast in selecting the optimal types of equipment best-suited for a particular design or operational challenge. We are committed to providing practical recommendations and supplying customers with the best possible solutions, all while maintaining single source responsibility in order to offer end-users wastewater and stormwater equipment backed by 24/7 service.

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