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SCADA Systems

As system monitoring needs have evolved over time, so too have the products and complexity associated with them. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems have become very common in the municipal marketplace. The need for system monitoring can be driven by process, preventative maintenance, manpower, and/or emergency conditions and each user may prioritize the importance of these elements differently. The methods of communication are as varied as the needs of each individual customer, but the common thread is that providers must have a very good working knowledge of how systems operate in order to ensure they meet or exceed end users’ expectations. In most municipal applications, SCADA systems may be used for monitoring and controlling water and wastewater process treatment plants, well houses, or lift station filtration systems. These systems communicate through mediums including radio, telephone, cellular and/or internet and may be monitored from several thousand miles away via laptop or devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Alarm and Messaging Systems

For years, alarm systems have been provided with pumping systems to indicate conditions that warrant further attention. Advances in communication have allowed operators to utilize phone lines to send signals (telemetry systems), but have mostly been replaced by telephone dialers and more refined forms of monitoring such as SCADA. The power and speed of computers has allowed video surveillance to emerge as a recent option to security-conscious operators who desire real-time observation of facilities. Innovative products such as our MetroMail™ alarm-messaging system can provide owners with cost-effective monitoring capability and allow operators to observe vital equipment remotely. At Metropolitan Industries, we remain committed to tracking evolving technologies and will continue to offer a wide variety of solutions for owners to make monitoring vital equipment easier than ever before.

Monitoring Systems

The monitoring of water and wastewater systems includes solutions as simple as light and bell alarms, and as sophisticated as city-wide SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. At Metropolitan, we offer job-specific solutions utilizing the latest technologies and software to provide custom packages for every customer.

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