Non-Potable Water Treatment Solutions

Grey Water Treatment

A growing trend around certain parts of the globe, the collection of grey water (wastewater without solids) and its filtration, treatment and disinfection for re-use is beginning to find more and more uses in the United States. An excellent conservation method, grey water treatment requires some wastewater treatment training.

Process Water Treatment (Industrial Applications)

Systems such as cooling towers and wash-down applications require large volumes of water, but may allow for the use of treated water to help preserve drinking water supplies.

Rainwater Harvesting

For years, many agricultural, industrial, irrigational and HVAC systems have sought inexpensive modes of supplying significant amounts of treated water at low costs. At Metropolitan, we can engineer complete systems designed to treat rainwater and run-off to meet some of these low cost demands.

Other Treatment

As the world’s water supply has become a precious resource, water treatment and collection methods and systems has become one of Metropolitan’s areas of skill. The scarcity of fresh water for purposes such as drinking and irrigation in parts of the world has caused responsible consumers to seek methods to get the very most out of our dwindling water supply.

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