MetroCloud – Remote Hosted SCADA

MetroCloud Is A Cost Effective SCADA Remote System

Monitor From Anywhere

Process and control equipment monitored at the touch of a button – directly from your smart device. With MetroCloud all mission-critical SCADA components are built into the core product. Get fully integrated SCADA features with the latest security updates ensuring secure communication between the master system and the remote stations.

Cost-Effective Pricing

  • $0 Upfront licensing costs
  • $0 Integration costs on standard products
  • $0 annual support costs, never pay for upgrade again
  • Low monthly fees
  • Minimal setup fees for most systems
  • Eliminates costly phone lines and problematic radio links

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Air-Gap Break Tanks

Air Gap Break Tank

Technology and Simplicity

Metropolitan’s break tank systems isolate water sources from possible cross-contamination, and can be used for water reuse for irrigation, WWTP effluent systems, process water uses, grey water systems, and more.

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Control Systems & Solutions

Take Control of Your System

Committed to research and development, we have designed and built our own control system packages to best supply our customers with top-of-the-line solutions to meet their system requirements and exceed their expectations. Choose from one of our many control systems and power sources to keep you in complete command of your system.

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Hydronic Systems

Completed Systems and Related Accessories

Our hydronic systems, including packages ranging from heating and cooling coils to multifaceted modular condensing heating systems, can be customized to fit any application and are backed by 24/7 service.

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Completed Systems and Related Accessories

Metropolitan’s Ion|StormPro® line is committed to building larger battery backup systems. We are now building and testing backup systems in 3, 5, 7, and 8 KVA that will allow us to backup 1 and 2 horsepower, single phase pumps for larger installations.

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Lift Stations: Valve & Meter Vaults

Adhering to a Complete Systems Approach

Our complete systems approach has evolved over time to include complete lift station packages incorporating pumps, rail systems, access hatches, level controls, control panels, piping and valves, wet wells, and valve vaults.

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Prefabricated Housed Systems

We have outperformed our competition in providing prefabricated housed systems as complete pump houses, valve/meter and control/generator buildings. Regardless of the size, type or finish, we guarantee our housed system meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Self Priming Pumps

Engineered For Easy Installation and Repair

With features such as premium efficiency motors and impellers, and a close-coupled design, our self-priming pump systems are easy to service and operate at optimum levels.

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Steam Systems

Increasing The Operation Of Your Steam Systems

From steam distribution and controls to condensate management, Metropolitan’s industrial division can help increase your steam system’s overall efficiency. We can offer custom solutions that may reduce your gas utility costs by substantial amounts.

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Water Booster Systems

Providing the Boost You Need

Our water booster systems can include constant and variable speed motor systems, PLC or relay logic systems, power sources, specific piping and valve options, and additional components needed to provide customers with complete packages.

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Water Heater & Storage Tanks


We stock water heaters and storage tanks in a variety of sizes and configurations ready to ship quickly.

Venting Systems

Multiple Options Available

Single or Double Wall Category I, II, III or IV for gas appliance applications. Also available pressure stack chimneys for commercial chimney, grease duct and diesel exhaust (generator) applications. Venting systems available are precision engineered and designed for ease of installation. Multiple material options, UL Listed and compliant with all current chimney standards.

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Metropolitan Industries Products

Metropolitan’s specialty and frequently used products listed are among the top commodities that are shipped out to our customers’ everyday. For over 55 years we have engineered, manufactured and sold products for the different sectors within the water and wastewater industry including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal markets. These products are proof that Metropolitan does whatever it takes to provide efficient service to our customers.

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Customer Service

When partnering with Metropolitan you have access to all of our services including, but not limited to, Field Service, Sales Support, System Design and Engineering, Manufacturing, and Testing and Certification.
Trained dedicated and responsive, our team of service specialists recognize the urgency of field and in-shop repair with our 24/7 emergency service. We also offer comprehensive preventative maintenance contracts that include periodic reporting which can avoid costly, unscheduled downtime.

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Metropolitan’s Manufacturing

Metropolitan’s Manufacturing department is split into two sections: Electrical Control System Manufacturing and Mechanical and Hydronic Product Manufacturing. Each are highly versatile and can build stock to completely custom solutions for your project. Metropolitan has 13 UL listing categories for various procedures and products.
Our products have revolutionized the industry, making moving, heating and treating water in all pumping quarters more efficient than ever before.

Electrical Control System Manufacturing

Mechanical & Hydronic Product Manufacturing