With a wide array of sizes and applications, you are guaranteed to find the right sump, effluent or sewage pump for your application when you choose Ion|StormPro®.
All of our pumps are augmented by the Ion® Digital Level Control float switch , the most reliable pump switch available. With no mechanical parts, the Ion® switch replaces traditional, unreliable, mechanical float switches, most effectively protecting your home from a failed pump and the ravaging distress associated with flooding.
In developing the Ion|StormPro® line, we at Metropolitan have not only created a single-source outlet where customers can purchase pumps suited to fit any application, we’ve generated an a pump line designed to best protect homes from flooding.

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Sump Packages

At Metropolitan Industries, part of our responsibility is to make the installation of your new sump pump package as stress-free as possible.
In order to assist our customers, we’ve created a small line of powerful sump packages designed to save time and money, and fill an assortment of residential needs.
Designed by Ion|StormPro®, each of these sump pump packages includes the Ion® Digital Level Control float switch for premier reliability.
Eliminate the hassles and headaches associated with low level “do-it-yourself” sump pump packages and contact us for a custom sump solution.

Sewage Packages

Our sewage pump packages can be designed in a variety of ways to meet all customer specifications. Packages include high-quality, one-half-inch to two-inch solids-handling pumps and the Ion® Digital Level Control float switch for guaranteed reliability.
Whether you require a simplex or duplex system, one pump or two pumps, high head or high flow, our sales and engineering staffs can assist you in properly sizing all equipment to fill your precise needs.
Our line of powerful sewage pump packages will help save you time and money by eliminating any guesswork associated with the job.
Contact us for a custom solution today.

Pump & Pump Packages

Finding the right pump or pump package for your household is easy when you choose from Metropolitan’s own Ion|StormPro® line.
Whether you require a sump, effluent or sewage pump, or even a complete pump package, Ion|StormPro® can deliver the solution to meet your needs. All of our pumps are certified and tested to handle any pump application in the sump and sewage market.
For premier reliability and the diversity to fill any sump, effluent or sewage pump application, choose Ion|StormPro®.

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