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Water Booster Systems

Our water booster systems can include constant and variable speed motor systems, PLC or relay logic systems, power sources, specific piping and valve options, and additional components needed to provide customers with complete packages.

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Break Tank Systems

Metropolitan’s break tank systems isolate water sources from possible cross-contamination, and can be used for water reuse for irrigation, WWTP effluent systems, process water uses, grey water systems, and more.

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Housed Systems

We have outperformed our competition in providing prefabricated housed systems as complete pump houses, valve/meter structures and control/generator buildings. Regardless of the size, type or finish, we guarantee our housed system meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Stormwater Solutions

Reliable pumping equipment is a necessity for any municipality – particularly during heavy rain events. Our team designs stormwater systems to deliver dependability during heavy rain events, while also maximizing system efficiency throughout non-heavy rain events.

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Pump & Pump Systems

Our desire to take a complete systems approach is fueled by our intention to ensure both designers and end-users have cohesive systems. We combine the best hydraulic solutions with the best applications of technology and simplicity to create reliable systems that utilize the best available solutions. Our goal is to control the various processes and types of equipment best-suited for particular operational challenges, and recommend and supply customers with the best possible solutions. As single source providers, we offer end-users quality equipment backed by 24/7 service for all of water, wastewater, and stormwater needs.

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