Registered PE Certification

Metropolitan has a licensed Professional Engineer registered in the state of Illinois, who can certify that all testing has met the standards of the Hydraulic Institute, and any other nationally recognized standards required by the contract documentation.

Hydraulic Equipment Testing Capabilities

Using certified instruments, Metropolitan can create a characteristic pump curve including head, flow, efficiency, and HP.
Specialty NPSH3 & Suction-Lift testing is also available.
• Hydraulic Lab Features:
• Four water tanks (Total capacity: 20,000 gallons)
• Flow capacity to 10,000 gpm
• Pressure capability to 700 psi
• 800-amp electrical service
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Calibrated measurement instrumentation

Hydronic Equipment Testing Capabilities

Metropolitan has the ability to hydrostatically pressure test all hydronic systems to verify there are no leaks or porosity issues. We also can pipe natural gas to gas-fired equipment, and test the product, or an entire integrated-system, to verify compliance with project specifications.

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Testing & Certification

Metropolitan’s state of the art test lab is designed to perform hydrostatic-pressure, hydraulic-performance, and hydronic-equipment performance testing on individual items, or large packaged assemblies. Testing is performed on Metropolitan’s packaged-systems, to ensure that the system-integration performance meets the client’s specifications. Pumps or systems can be certified by a registered professional engineer (P.E.). Many different types of pumps, controls, and systems including self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, multi-stage pumps, pressure reducing valves, gas-fired thermal equipment, control systems operating with mechanical components and instrumentation, and more can be tested.

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