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Water Treatment

We can provide complete water treatment systems – including Ion Exchange and UV Disinfection – to treat water from a number of sources to ultimately produce domestic/drinking water.

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Wastewater Treatment

As the regulations and standards for treating wastewater have evolved, so too has our expertise in engineering wastewater treatment equipment and complete wastewater treatment plants.

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Other Treatment

Solutions such as rainwater harvesting systems, grey water systems and process water treatment systems can be designed for any application and can help preserve the world’s precious water supply.

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Treatment Options

The need for a complete systems approach is evident when assembling a water treatment plan in various forms.
Water treatment is traditionally defined as treating water from a variety of sources to ultimately produce domestic drinking water. This includes treating well water from underground sources, and filtering and treating water from natural and man-made lakes. Following the disinfection process, this treated water is distributed and used as domestic drinking water.
Wastewater treatment has commonly been associated with the processing of raw sewage, which undergoes a comprehensive treatment, clarification and disinfection process before being discharged as effluent water in creeks, streams and/or rivers. The complete evolution of this process is directly related to the services Metropolitan provides every day.
Additional Treatment Options provided by Metropolitan include grey water/re-use systems, rainwater harvesting, and other non-potable water sources for various processes and uses in agriculture, industrial, irrigation, HVAC, and a variety of other applications where water can represent a significant cost.

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