Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Packaged, Wastewater Treatment Plants

From plants transferring thousands of gallons of water per day to plants transferring millions of gallons of water per day, Metropolitan has provided pre-engineered solutions constructed to meet precise specifications for years.

Treatment Process Equipment

Components that make up the various processes of a wastewater treatment facility are also within Metropolitan’s area of expertise.

Wastewater Treatment

For over 40 years, Metropolitan has provided wastewater treatment equipment to a wide range of customers in various configurations.
During the 1960s and 1970s, EPA regulations and funding resulted in a new wave of treatment standards, leading to a movement to clean up our waterways. Metropolitan has since provided a variety of treatment options to developers and municipalities. This includes full treatment plants transporting several millions of gallons of water per day. We can supply complete equipment packages designed to process, treat, clarify and disinfect raw sewage prior to being discharged into creeks, streams or rivers as effluent water.

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