Domestic Water Treatment Solutions

Well Water Treatment

Whether required for traditional vessel filtration, to add variable speed to a well pump, to add to a disinfection system, or to help complete an ion exchange/softening water plant, Metropolitan can help fulfill your project by assisting in the design of an inclusive system to meet your needs.

Surface Water Treatment

Filtration and clarification provide the basis for surface water treatment, but Metropolitan has provided all of the above components and can tie several chemical feed systems into large SCADA systems.

Water Treatment

When pertaining to domestic/drinking water, water treatment is traditionally defined as treating water from a variety of sources to ultimately produce domestic/drinking water. This can include treating well water from underground sources, or filtering and treating surface water from natural or man-made lakes. Once this water has been obtained, it undergoes a comprehensive and stringent disinfection process, which results in treated water to be distributed as domestic/drinking water.

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